Safety Face Shield with replaceable anti-static 3M™ Clear lens, adjustable plastic band and comfort brow foam

Comfort Tech All Day Face Shield
3-Pack Replacement Face Shields

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3M Preferred Converter

Customer Raves

“I am a general dentist and used a face shield from HST Materials for the last few days in my office. It works so much better with my loupes and light than the other face shield that I have tried. With the other shields, the shield would hit the light on my loupes and change where it was aiming so that I then couldn't see where I was looking. Other times it would push the yellow curing filter down over the light so that I was constantly looking at a yellow field even when I wasn't working with composite. The HST Materials shield is far enough out from my face that it doesn't hit the light or yellow filter and I can even reach up under it and move the filter into place when needed. Their shield comes with replaceable shields which is also nice. My only issue is that it would slip down a bit on my forehead as I worked, but my hygienist told me that when she wore a head covering it stopped that from happening. I gave it a try and it solved the problem and it made wearing a shield more comfortable also. I would definitely recommend the HST Materials face shield for any dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant who wears loupes while they are working.” - David J. Schumer, D.DSchumer Family Dental