Micro-Vu Excel Automated Vision Measuring Machine

HST Materials establishes and maintains quality control of part specifications using our Micro-Vu Excel Automated Vision Measuring Machine in our Quality Lab. This machine employs state-of-the-art metrology technologies to provide high speed and accurate measurements of die cut and molded parts of all shapes and sizes. With multisensory capabilities, advanced digital and optic zoom, proprietary edge detection, and InSpecâ„¢ Metrology Software, this system creates a great deal of value for both our quality assurance procedures and the quality demands of our customers. The servo driven non-contact vision system provides part measurements with speed, reliability and repeatability. It provides HST Materials and our customers with the ability to quickly understand design specifications of parts and allows us to determine if the desired specifications are within the process capability.

Excel Product Overview #141 from Micro-Vu on Vimeo.

To inquire about this or any other material or capability, call us at 847-640-1803 or visit our website at hstmaterials.com.

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